{jcomments off}After played through several battles during autumn I have realized that I put a lot of trust in the Sniper drone team. Below is some reflections made.


One sniper drone team is enough.

The sniper drone team has to be close to the front, but not in the front... or else they are not worth the points. Always search for targets within 24", that means double shoots.

Also, keep a cheap ethereal nearby, that gives tripple shoots!

When advancing, make sure the sniper team is not left behind. One model in the sniper drone team should be within 6" of the firewarriors in the front of it, this to keep Supporting Fire.
(keep in mind that the sniper drone team will have a 4+ Inv. save in most cases (5+ through units, +1 for Stealth) and the unit have T4. If the enemy focus on the drone team, fine... something else will survive)

So... In the startup phase (placement of units). Think over the placement of the marksmen (easy saving). They should be in some slight cover, maybe not first and absolutely not in the rear.
After a turn or two, you may need to advance forward (including the sniper drone team) and at that point you only want to move the sniper drones forward (or else you will have to snap-shot markerligts).


In bigger battles I prefer a larger team of snipers. 9 snipers and 2 marksmen, the extra marksman is included so that the opponent do not get the idea to pin-point out a lonely marksman.

In smaller battles it works well to have a smaller team with 3 snipers and 3 marksmen. In that way I can then focus on Railrifles in a small Pathfinder team. I like the Railrifles more than they are worth i points, so by moving markerlight fokus to the sniper team, I can use Pathfinders in a more fun way.



...and a bit brief math, just for fun...


9 snipers, 2 marksmen, one ethereal, a 12 man standing team of firewarriors armed with pulserifles and lead by Cadre Fireblade againts... well... say a unit of necron lychguards (T5, 3+ save) of all things... and that it happens that they are within 15" and are going to charge the next turn if they survive:

Sniper drones starts first, BS5:
- 2 of 2 markerlight hits.
- 22 of 27 snipershoots hits. -> 9 damage (normal AP, 3+ save) + 2 damage (AP2, 4+ Inv.)
===> 4 damage

The ethereal waves at the enemy:
===> (no true damage)

Fire warrior team continues, BS 3 + 2 (markerlights):
- 32 of 39 pulserifles hits -> 16 damage (3+ save)
===> 5 damage

Hmm... that's 380p. of lychguards removed, rounded down :-)


The sniper drone team costs 161p. and contributes with half of the damage, as well laying ground for a devasting follow-up for a nearby firewarrior team.

The fire warrior team with cadre in this example costs 168p. and they give less damage that the sniper drone team (only approx. 3 damage without the markerlight support).

Keep that in mind when chosing targets, snipers on high toughness targets whenever possible.

On less tough enemies such as Marines, Imperial guards and so on... you will get most out of the points by using ordinary pulse weapons.


In short, the sniper drone team makes is a good counter-weapon against more T-heavy forces when applicable. In other cases it's a good support-fire units that have a points-of-return-value similar to the firewarriors and do not attract to much fire.


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{jcomments off}En inte så solig dag 300 m. över havet en aprilvår.

{jcomments off}Get a feeling that squats will return this year on the battlefield in the 40k universe!

{jcomments off}In short, with the 7th ed. rules, snipers seems to be a less favorized choice for Tau, although I'm not sure it's wise, seen from a wider perspective. Just forget the vehicles...

New codexes that comes out normally contain one or several new high-toughness, multiple-wounds units which gives the sniper drone teams plenty of non-vehicle objectives to shoot at.

Characters and independent characters no longer have precision shoots, the drone team is now the only troop choice that by default can pin-point out certain enemy models, which can be useful in most games.

Having an etheral nearby makes the sniper drone team more reliable when pin-pointing away certain units/models within 24". The units will also be incredibly lethal if put right behind the frontline of fire warriors. The Supporting fire consists of a few markerlights (if lucky, severlily boosting the fire warriors) and almost for sure x3 sniper shoots on charging units where each hit can be put on the most dangerous CC character (if lucky, even AP2).